We combine capital, technical and commercial expertise, infrastructure, and access to GE's global network of business units, partners and customers, world-class training, and resources
to help companies grow and scale.


Software & Analytics

Investment categories include: Cloud Infrastructure & Enablers, Data Value Chain and Cyber Security


Focused on accelerating the path to precision health through Next Generation Dx and Tx, New Clinical Delivery Models and Operational Excellence. Investing in Health IT, Health Services, Diagnostics, Digital Therapeutics, Non-Invasive Medical Technologies and Biopharma Tools.


Energy, Lighting & IoT

Electricity Value Chain, Oil & Gas, and IoT


Adv. Manufacturing & Enterprise

Investment categories include: Integrated Design, Advanced Fabrication, Brilliant Factory, Supply Chain & Logistics, Robotics Services & Automation and Enterprise Software Solutions for HR, Marketing & Commercial Operations.

New Business Creation

We create new business that capitalize on market trends and drive growth for our partners and GE.