At GE Ventures we aspire to be the innovation partner of choice—to empower a thriving community of entrepreneurs who want to power, cure, build, and move the world on a global scale. Our pillars of Equity Investing, New Business Creation, Licensing and Technology Transfer offer a holistic approach and platform that drive growth for our partners and for GE.

Equally important, a valued partner must lean in to help you succeed. GE Ventures EDGE works to do just that. EDGE leverages the global scale, expertise and resources of GE to provide our partners with programs, tools, information and education to help you build, grow and scale your enterprise.

Our program is organized into three areas: develop, operate and amplify.

Questions about EDGE? Contact GEVenturesedge@ge.com.


GE’s reputation and capabilities in developing leadership programs and driving organizational excellence is unrivaled. EDGE harnesses that expertise and tailors it to the needs of our partners to offer events, workshops and resources to support the managerial and organizational success of your company.


Successful and systematic acceleration of growth is defined not only by “how big you are” but also by “how well you perform.” EDGE leverages GE’s internal and external resources to help you achieve efficiencies and operational excellence as you build and scale your company.


Few brands command respect and open doors on a global scale like GE. EDGE creates opportunities and new channels for our partners to drive messaging, partnerships and sales around the world.