GE Ventures Licensing: Changing the Electronics Market in Japan

At GE Ventures, we offer more than just capital funding to startups and portfolio companies – we offer GE technology & patents, years of expertise, and business opportunities. It’s part of our DNA.A defining example of our business is the GE Ventures Licensing team, a group focused on establishing partnerships that put our technology to work and create new prospects for business growth.The Licensing team, led by GE Licensing President Pat Patnode, is changing industries with its intellectual property (IP) licenses and technology transfers. The team is focused on accelerating innovation and growth for partners by providing access to GE technologies and inventions. Licensing transfers GE-developed technology to our partners to bring ideas to market faster.These partnerships are making impacts around the world. In Japan, two recent GE Licensing agreements are changing how companies are packaging electronics.Partners TAIYO YUDEN and SHINKO ELECTRONICS will use GE-developed technology to create the next generation of electronic packaging solutions. Announced today, GE Ventures has licensed TAIYO YUDEN to fabricate substrates embedded with electronic circuits. With this technology transfer, TAIYO YUDEN and GE will construct a joint development framework toward the commercialization of next-generation wirebondless, embedded electronics circuits. These embedded electronic packaging technologies provide significantly improved electrical performance (for example, reduced parasitics), and can increase functional density of the electronics circuits by more than a third.Earlier this year, GE Ventures announced an IP license with SHINKO ELECTRONICS for an advanced embedded packaging solution for power electronics called Power Overlay (POL). Developed by GE Global Research as part of a major GE focus in power electronics research over the last decade, POL has been licensed to SHINKO to industrialize the packaging platform and transition POL to manufacturing for GE and others. The platform enables higher efficiency and power density with reduced parasitics, and greatly impacts the power, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries. Power modules designed with POL have proven to have power densities up to 50% higher and efficiency improved up to 10%. These advanced packaging technologies will be licensed to leading global manufacturing partners to provide advanced solutions back to businesses worldwide – including other GE businesses as part of the GE Store (the way that GE shares technology and knowledge between its businesses).

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