Creating an Efficient Workplace with EventBoard

Today’s workplace looks and feels very different than it did just 30 years ago. Office cultures are putting a bigger emphasis on productivity and efficiency, implementing new workplace technologies and management styles. But despite these advancements in office layout and technology, meeting productivity still remains one of the workplace’s biggest challenges. In fact, with over 11 million meetings occurring each day, an estimated $37 billion is lost each year to unproductivity. Implementing efficient meetings is a critical aspect to a fully productive workplace and culture. It is crucial that a system is put into place that can save us time in the workday, and ultimately make for a cost-effective, efficient office. Having identified this as a notable issue, we’re excited to announce our investment in a leader in smart office technology, EventBoard. EventBoard uses its cloud-based tools and analytics to help companies reclaim meeting productivity and fuel efficiency. With over 1,700 customers, EventBoard helps by optimizing people, places, and technology in the workplace. With its Insights dashboards, the company displays how employees are engaging in meetings as well as who is attending, for how long, how the space is utilized, technology required, and the impact of meetings that no one attends. Knowing this information helps customers plan for future meetings more accordingly to prevent wasting time and resources. At GE Ventures, we’re excited about the future outcome of a truly efficient workday, and EventBoard is taking us one step closer. We’re thrilled to participate in EventBoard’s Series B to support sales and marketing to improve office experience through employee-focused apps and deep data driven insights.To learn more about EventBoard, please visit

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