Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is the effortless way to go from 3D CAD to robust metal parts. Our family of 3D printers will build complex parts beautifully and at a price that makes it attainable by every design and manufacturing team.

EventBoard Announces $13.5M Series B Round

Creating an Efficient Workplace with EventBoard

Today’s workplace looks and feels very different than it did just 30 years ago. Office cultures are putting a bigger emphasis on productivity and efficiency, implementing new workplace technologies and management styles. But despite these advancements in office layout and technology, meeting productivity still remains one of the workplace’s biggest challenges. In fact, with over 11 million meetings occurring each day, an estimated $37 billion is lost each year to unproductivity. Implementing efficient meetings is a critical aspect to a fully productive workplace and culture.


Stem creates intelligent energy storage solutions that are changing the way energy is distributed and consumed.

Energy Excelerator

Energy Excelerator funds innovative startups to create a 100% clean energy future, starting in Hawaii and Asia-Pacific.


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