Six New Medical Technologies Worth Watching

Building the Future of the Industrial Internet with

The Industrial Internet is taking the world by storm. From healthcare to government to education, every industry is looking to deploy internet-connected devices within their organizations. However, as companies take their complex devices online, they’re faced with a problem: “How can I safely and securely maintain remote devices while also delivering new software features and functionality to my customers?” That’s where comes in. was founded in 2013 with a mission to simplify the way developers build, deploy, and manage software for Industrial Internet devices.

Time is Running Out! Apply Today For Techstars IoT Accelerator

In April we partnered with Techstars, along with PwC, Bosch and Verizon, on its new IoT Accelerator in New York City, which will bring additional focus to the Industrial Internet and connecting the infrastructure of business and industry.

Improving Mother & Child Care With The Organisation of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS

Africa has the highest rate of child mortality in the world with 5.9 million children passing away under the age of 5 in 2015, and over half were due to preventable conditions or conditions that can be treated with access to simple, affordable interventions. Additionally, in the United States, two women die each day due to childbirth complication; in Africa, it is estimated that over 450 women die each day due to these complications. Currently, this is one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest problems that must be addressed for the future success of the region.

Making a ‘Clean’ Break From the Grid With Sonnen

The combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity to power homes, businesses and industry,  is the largest single source of CO2 emissions in the nation, accounting for about 37% of total U.S. CO2 emissions and 30% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2014. The necessity to develop clean and affordable energy is one of the biggest challenges currently facing society as the environmental impact from our carbon-based emissions is catastrophic for not only our generation, but those to follow.


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