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Investment categories include: Cloud Infrastructure & Enablers, Data Value Chain and Cyber Security

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Alchemist Accelerator

The Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed initiative focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers).


IoTium is a Silicon Valley start-up that is extending mainstream Internet to the Industrial IoT world.


Automation is the lifeblood of DevOps. Tools like Kubernetes, Mesos, and Swarm automate container clusters. Terraform and Ansible automate infrastructure. And Portworx automates the deployment and operations of data services at scale.


Equalum team have over 20 years of hands-on experience in BigData infrastructure and pipelining solutions.

FogHorn Systems

FogHorn is a leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications. provides a container-based platform that makes it easy to build, deploy and manage software for industrial internet devices.


Leveraging game-changing technology, unrivaled flexibility, and a proven track record, mPrest delivers leading-edge product-based solutions for “connecting the dots” across multiple complex systems of any scale – from a single facility to a multinational corporation.


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