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Investment categories include: Cloud Infrastructure & Enablers, Data Value Chain and Cyber Security

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The company offers unique, instantaneous and deterministic detection and prevention of zero-day and known attacks, combined with rich contextualized forensics. Morphisec’s flagship enterprise product will launch in Q1/2016 following successful testing by banks, telecom, and security companies.


Access anytime, anywhere with the industry’s only true field-ready mobile apps


Sensity enables light owners to capitalize on the LED conversion process by embedding sensing and networking technology within both retrofit and new LED luminaires. The company’s high-speed, sensor-based flagship product, NetSense, provides a platform for a variety of applications and services to be provided over the network. Sensity is the established industry leader in Light Sensory Network (LSN) technology.

Bracket Computing

Bracket Computing is a leader in Virtual Infrastructure Software that spans multiple heterogeneous clouds with one set of advanced security, data management, and networking infrastructure.

Bit Stew Systems

Through data-driven automation, Bit Stew Systems removes the complexity of industrial operations and connected machines to give clarity and control back to the operator.

Big Data company raises $15M in Series B

Big Data analytics company DataTorrent raised $15 million in Series B funding on Tuesday.

Singtel Innov8 led the round with participation from new investor GE Ventures and existing investors Morado Venture Partners, August Capital and AME Cloud Ventures. Jeff Karras, managing director at Singtel Innov8, will join the company’s board of directors as part of the investment. The company has raised $23.8 million to date.


DataTorrent empowers today’s enterprises to experience the full potential – and business impact – of Big Data, by enabling them to process, analyze and respond to Big Data in real-time.

GE Ventures Invests in PingThings for Predictive Grid Analytics

GE Ventures has made an additional investment in PingThings, a predictive intelligence platform for electric utilities.

This investment adds to the $1 million GE Ventures invested in PingThings in an earlier round. PingThings grew out of Frost I3, an incubator established by Frost Data Capital and GE Software.


PingThings brings predictive intelligence solutions to the smart grid through its PredictiveGrid™ platform by giving alerts that specific disruptive events are occurring or imminent. With the PredictiveGrid™ technology, utilities can significantly optimize asset health, save costs and improve energy reliability with new actionable intelligence.


TTTech Computertechnik AG is the technology leader in robust networked safety controls. Our solutions and best-in-class products improve the safety and reliability of networked computer systems and are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, off-highway, energy production, railway and industrial.


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