Investing to Enhance Patient and Provider Experience, Accelerate New Models of Diagnosis & Treatment, Optimize Healthcare and Life Science Operations and Enable Transition to Value-Based Healthcare via Health IT, IT-enabled Services, Life Science Tools and Minimally Invasive Medtech.

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Quantum Health

Quantum Health is a consumer navigation and care coordination company serving the healthcare needs of self-funded public and private sector employers across the U.S.

Chrono Therapeutics

Chrono Therapeutics is working on programmable passive transdermal drug delivery coupled with real-time behavioral support.


MedAware provides an innovative solution to the need for detecting and eliminating prescription errors.

Aver Inc.

Aver's dedicated team of healthcare experts, engineers and analysts designed a patented system from the ground up to simplify value-based healthcare.

RainDance Technologies

RainDance is an innovative genomics tools company making molecular testing of complex diseases more standardized and readily available.


Nanosonics' unique platform technology produces a proprietary disinfectant containing sub-micron mist which can be quickly distributed to surfaces requiring disinfection or sterilisation.


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