Meet Patricia
Pearman who is a 29yr GE veteran transferred to GE Healthcare in Waukesha, WI in 2001 assuming the role of Benefits & Disability Program Manager. In November of 2002, Pat’s role was expanded to include Global Diversity & Employer of Choice Programs. In 2004 she launched GE Healthcare’s Disparity IV program focused on closing the gap in the quality and access of care for underserved populations across the globe. The program framework includes the building of partnerships with government, non-for profits and minority healthcare organizations; innovative research collaborations and the design of culturally sensitive education & awareness community outreach programs.

In 2010 she assumed responsibility for overseeing GE’s global cancer commitment program. In 2012 her role was expanded to include the development of GE Healthymagination Global “Brain Health” strategy including the Operational Management of a multi-faceted Growth Accelerator FastWorks project. In her current role she has oversees Global Operations and Programming. Pat holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music & Special Education, and a MBA from the State University of New York. Next Team Member